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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the investment and what is included in your packages?

A: Families can expect to invest between $1000 and $2600 for full services. Portrait only clients can expect to invest between $450 and $700. Once you are part of this family of moms you are eligible for different events and sessions open to returning families only through out the year. All packages include a set number of digital files and a $50 print credit. There are several options for you to chose one so contact us for a full listing.


Q: How soon should I book you?

A: There is no thing as booking too early. I am only able to take a set amount of clients per month, so a deposit and contract are required to secure your families time. Full service clients typically book anywhere between 12-30 weeks. Portrait clients it is recommended that you book three months in advance to secure a spot.

Q: Can I do just one or the other or do I have to hire you for both services?

A: I love supporting moms and families from the beginning to the end of your journey in becoming a family. Therefore, doula and photography packages give you the best of my services.  However, maternity, newborn, and family portraits are available individually.  My newborn sessions always incorporate my doula experience and therefore you still get the best of both worlds. 

Q: Ok, so what exactly is a doula?

A: Yes, it is a funny word if you are coming here and aren’t familiar with it I would think it is a funny word too. A doula is a person trained to help a women physically and emotionally through the various stages of motherhood. They are with moms through out labor and are sometimes referred to as a planner or coach. I wear many hats as a doula! You can see more about that here. 

Q: What exactly is birth photography

Birth photography is truly about documenting the birth-day of your little one. I primarily focus on strategic documentation through your day primarily focusing on the relationship between you and your partner, the first moments you lay eyes on your baby and all the little details in between. I am trained and experienced with taking photos as well as supporting moms in a medical setting. There are sterile fields, places to stand, and rules to follow in doing so. I know just where to fit in to get the best shot, and respect the room around us while supporting you through your birth.  

Q: How else do I get involved other than photography or doula work?

I am really passionate about motherhood and women not walking alone. Community is a central theme in what I do and so moms that come here are invited to check out mentoring opportunities for business owners here at BD and or community events at NEST Frederick that have something for everyone.

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