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As I became a mom, I realized the lack of support after having my baby. There were activities and groups for older babies, but limited options for moms with infants. On top of that, any group I joined seemed to have women who knew each other before and were generally just social gatherings.  When I became a doula, I would originally end my work with moms at their final postpartum meeting between 2-4 weeks. Then my job was done. It felt unnatural to just end my relationship with them knowing they were walking into a hard and often lonely season. Enter NEST.

You will walk through a series of workshops lead by birth and postpartum advocates who have a heart and experience for your stage in life. Additionally, you will be placed in a group alongside other moms who are walking through the same path as you. 

Benefits include:

Cultivated Community

Intentional Relationships

Postpartum and newborn education

Strategic Support System

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