We have worked to address a dire need in today's world, with our experience and training as doulas, and partnerships with perinatal expert to develop a curriculum and structure to support women and birthing persons in the postpartum period. Our goal is to "nurture, empower and strengthen moms together" in the postpartum.  This model is simple, effective and adds value to any provider while making a meaning difference.

We also feel strongly that this model needs to involve the community and meet moms where they are at. We frequently go into OB offices, pediatric offices and work with other birth workers to make this happen. 

What we can do for you

Training your team how to apply our model to your community  

Customized Curriculum for Your Postpartum groups

Consultations for your team regarding working with postpartum moms

Independent consultation for moms in your community

start serving moms better

Set up a complimentary phone or video consultation to see how you can improve the postpartum period for moms in your community

For Providers

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