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Baby Ford's Birth-day and Preparing for a C-section

February 16, 2018



This family is no stranger to my blog or social media and when I realized I never shared images from their birth or newborn session last year, I couldn't believe it. Ali is a former bride and I was one of the first people she called when she was expecting. (Definitely a reason I love my job!) Through out her pregnancy we talked about baby Ford's birth-day and what to expect and prepare for.  Everything from what to expect at doctors appointments to what to get for breastfeeding was a regular topic of conversation. We discussed birth options and what they were looking for out of their first birth experience. Of course babies don't always work like and the best laid plans don't always happen. As Ali's pregnancy progressed we knew instead of a traditional delivery day we needed to prepare for a scheduled cesarean. 


My team at Frederick Moms and Doulas tends to work with a lot of high-risk pregnancies so supporting a mom through a scheduled csection is nothing we aren't prepared for. We have a cesarean birth plan and a guide we review with all of our csection families at prenatal appointments. Even for moms not anticipating a csection we make sure to have a mini csection birth plan in place so moms are always empowered. 


When the big day finally arrived for Ali and her family we went over all the details of what to expect that day and began the day as anticipated. I was able to be in the operating room with her and Jacob. Jacob sat by her side, while I was able to sit behind him and document their first moments as a family. Unexpected events seemed to be the theme of this pregnancy and even with the best laid plans, baby Ford was quickly rushed to the NICU. This was not the anticipated reason that I was in the delivery room, but it is one of the reasons we hope to be there for cesarean moms when it happens. Jacob was able to leave Ali's side to check on baby Ford and I was able to move in while surgery was completed.  


Ford had a NICU stay that Ali detailed over on FMD. It is certainly worth reading. I was able to stay with her through out the day and be with her family as they worked through Ford's care plans. Even better, I was able to follow-up with them for their postpartum and newborn photos to celebrate him finally being home. (More of that on Monday!) Floyd family, you are amazing! Being a part of all your life's events is such an honor!













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