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Planning for a New Sister: A Maternity Session with Gabriella and her Family

March 15, 2018

I met this family when they were expecting Gabriella. Her momma's first maternity session with Gabriella in her belly was so different than this session. It was focused on momma, all of the excitement and included taking our time walking around the DC monuments. Fast forward to this session and Gabriella ran the show. She was spunky and fun and was clearly making the most of the little time left of being number one. She didn't know in these photos that she was getting a sister, but her parents were working to adjust her to the idea. 


I remember trying to prep my first for the arrival of her brother. It was a mix of total excitement and a lot of apprehension from both my daughter and myself.  Now three kids later, I think there is more excitement. There is always apprehension, but looking at the bigger ones and seeing how much they grow when they get a sibling make it all the easier.  Gabriella, you are a special little lady and it is exciting to see you grow into a big sister. 









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