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When Friends Become Family: Olivia's Spring Portraits

June 6, 2018

We have a rule in our house. It is a simple one; you aren't allowed best friends. It is such a silly term anyways and it is one my 7 year old has been caught up in too many times. So about a year ago we started the rule...The only best friends you can have are your family. Everyone else can be a close friend. Let's be real...friends change! And it doesn't matter if you are 7 or 77, you will have a lot of "best" friends in your life and that is such a great thing.


Do not get me wrong, that line can be blurred, but only in the best ways. We are so lucky to have a wonderful community of people that know our door is always open and who care for our kids like they are their own. Sarah and Zach are part of that community that I consider family. (14 years of friendship and owning a business together will require a lot of time together!)  Olivia is a friend to my kids who has become more like family. She knows our house, our rules, runs to my kiddos and is loved by them like they love each other. She also might actually run to my husband for a hug more than my own daughter does now;) I wish for everyone that they could have a community of people like we do and that when asked who their "best friends" are they also have an  "Olivia...and Miss Sarah and Mr. Zach" in their life too. 






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