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November Goals and an Afternoon with the L Family

November 1, 2018



I can't believe it is November. I think I start with that every blog, but really...time is FLYING. This has been such a beautiful year, but it has also been crazy and messy as I always say too. This fall has been a little extra crazy adjusting to a family of six and swinging full on back into work with BDP and Frederick Moms and Doulas.I saw another photographer say they are really good at being a mom, a wife, a doula, a photographer, but not at social media. MAN I am bad at social media. I am working on that balance. ! have some big goals I thought I would share because hey...accountability isn't a bad thing. 


Goal #1

Share more of my work. People keep asking if I am still shooting and I know it is because I don't share a lot of my work. My doula work is my heart work, but I am shooting beautiful moms and babies and families perhaps more than I ever have. So goal one...share more of that.


Goal #2 

Add in more slow time to my life- Doesn't every mom need more me time...yes...yes they do. But that is hard with 4 kids so I am aiming for more slow time. More time to slow down and enjoy what I am doing. Not rush out the door so fast. Take a second to enjoy my workouts after they are done and to chat with a friend. More slow time. 


Goal #3

Be grateful. Yes it is so cliche. This month I am writing in my journal what I am grateful for.  Has anyone ever read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I love technology, but writing makes it happen for me so I am doing more than that. If you haven't read Ann's book check it out.


Now for some photos of clients I am grateful for!










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